Via Snail Mail

September 12, 2011

Hon. Pres. Benigno S. Aquino

President of the Republic of the Philippines

Office of the President, Malacañang Palace

Compound J. P. Laurel St., San Miguel,

Manila City

Dear President Aquino:

Greetings! This letter is intended to let you know how we, the supposedly hope of this nation, feel about the budget cuts in tertiary education. We are deeply sorry for doing this letter only at this time of the year, for we thought that what we said before was enough to let you know how ill the consequences will be. Since it turned out that you weren’t shaken a bit by our pleas, and just recently QS survey from London disclosed that not one University in the Philippines made it to top 300, we thought that maybe you need another reminder on how to correctly run our country. 

We know that the QS ranking is not an accurate picture of the quality of the education system we have here, but we cannot deny that we have not reached the high standards of World Education. To you, this means less employment opportunities for your graduates, compared to those countries where Education is prioritized. For us, this means that our schools are more prone to Desperate Housewives discrimination than the other universities which were ranked higher. 

Please do not say that we are being irrational. We know how problematic it is to allocate the measly funds the collection system has gathered to the expected expenditures the government is to make, minding also the percentage of inflation for the year. Our point here is that why do the Senators and Congressmen receive 200 Million and 70 Million in Priority Development Assistance Fund (Pork Barrel) respectively, while state-funded universities suffer budget cuts? Are you telling us that the overpriced waiting sheds teeming with a congressman’s slogan and pictures are far more important than the kind of quality education we should have been enjoying?

Of course we do not blame you for everything. We are well aware of the layers after layers of bureaucracy your budget proposal has to go through and unfortunately, we do not know all of them. Luckily, since you said on your first and second SONA that we are your bosses, and we your bosses still believe that Education is a right and not just a privilege, we now therefore demand the Quality Education that we deserve —and that’s an order.

Sincerely Yours,

Concerned College Students


Victor Hugo once said “When we open a school, We close a prison.” In the case that you still won’t follow our orders, you might as well allocate more funds to Correctional Institutions. 

Distraught at the thought that Educations is not prioritized. I wonder how long this letter would take to reach the palace. Could this be really on a snail’s pace?

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